Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa
Full NameRekha Thapa
Date of Birth21 August 1982
BirthplaceSalakpur, Morang, Nepal
Age41 years
ProfessionActress, Producer
Height1.60 m
SpouseChhabi Raj Ojha
Net WorthN/A
Rekha Thapa
Rekha Thapa | Source: ArtistNepal


Rekha Thapa, born on 21 August 1982 in Salakpur, Morang, Nepal, epitomizes versatility in the Nepali entertainment scene, excelling as an actress, model, producer, director, story writer, and choreographer. Her journey to stardom began with aspirations beyond the silver screen when she emerged as a top ten finalist for Miss Nepal in 1999, showcasing her early penchant for the limelight. Renowned as a legend in the Nepali film industry, Rekha has left an indelible mark through her prolific career, having graced the screen in over 200 movies. Her enduring appeal lies in her ability to embody a range of characters, from the glamorous to the whimsical, earning her the moniker “Maha Nayika” of the Nepali film industry. Throughout her illustrious career, she has embraced diverse roles that have captivated audiences, cementing her status as a powerhouse performer and an icon of Nepali cinema.

Height & Weight

Nepalese Actress Rekha Thapa stands tall with a graceful height of 1.60 meters, which complements her charismatic presence on screen and off. Her stature not only adds to her elegance but also accentuates her commanding presence in the Nepali film industry. Rekha’s fit body figure reflects her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, evident through her disciplined approach to fitness and well-being. Her physical attributes, coupled with her remarkable talent and versatility as an actress, have earned her admiration and acclaim from audiences far and wide. Through her captivating performances and timeless beauty, Rekha Thapa continues to leave an indelible mark in the hearts of her fans and admirers, embodying the essence of grace and charm in every role she portrays on the silver screen.

Rekha Thapa
Rekha Thapa


Regarding Rekha Thapa’s educational background, while specific details are not readily available, her journey in the Nepali film industry suggests a focus on honing her craft and pursuing her passion for acting rather than traditional academic pursuits. Thapa’s trajectory from her early days in the industry to becoming one of Nepal’s most prominent actresses reflects a dedication to her craft and a commitment to her career. Despite the lack of formal education details, her success in the entertainment industry underscores her talent, hard work, and resilience in pursuing her dreams. As such, while her academic journey may not be extensively documented, her contributions to Nepali cinema serve as a testament to her skill and dedication in the field of acting.


Regarding Rekha Thapa’s family background, while specific details may not be widely available, her familial roots trace back to Salakpur, Morang, Nepal, where she was born on August 21, 1982. Family holds a significant place in Nepali culture, and it’s likely that Rekha Thapa’s upbringing and early influences were shaped by her family dynamics, traditions, and values. Growing up in Salakpur, Morang, she would have been immersed in the local community and cultural practices, which often revolve around close-knit family structures. Despite the lack of detailed information, it’s reasonable to presume that her family played a pivotal role in her formative years and contributed to shaping her identity and aspirations as she embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry.


Rekha Thapa’s career spans across various domains within the Nepali entertainment industry, marking her as a multifaceted personality. Initially aspiring to be an actress, she ventured into the realm of Nepali cinema after completing her education. Rekha Thapa’s cinematic journey commenced with her debut in the movie “Hero” in the early 2000s. Since then, she has featured in over 200 Nepali films, establishing herself as one of the most prominent figures in the industry. Her prolific career has seen her take on diverse roles, ranging from lead characters to supporting roles, and even cameo appearances.

One of the significant aspects of Rekha Thapa’s career is her versatility. She has not only excelled as an actress but has also explored other avenues within filmmaking. Beyond acting, she has ventured into producing, directing, story writing, and choreography, showcasing her creative prowess and multifaceted talent. As a producer, she has been involved in bringing compelling narratives to the screen, contributing to the richness and diversity of Nepali cinema.

Rekha Thapa’s contributions to Nepali cinema extend beyond her on-screen performances. Her impact is evident in the characters she portrays, often embodying strong, empowered women who challenge societal norms and expectations. Through her roles, she has addressed pertinent social issues, including gender equality, women’s rights, and empowerment, making her a symbol of inspiration for many.

Known for her glamorous and charismatic screen presence, Rekha Thapa has earned the title of “Maha Nayika” (Great Heroine) in the Nepali film industry. Her ability to captivate audiences with her performances and her dedication to her craft have solidified her status as a legend in Nepali cinema. Despite facing challenges and controversies throughout her career, she has remained resilient, continuing to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

Rekha Thapa’s career trajectory serves as a testament to her passion, determination, and commitment to the art of filmmaking. With each project, she continues to push boundaries, explore new horizons, and inspire generations of aspiring artists in Nepal and beyond. Her legacy as a trailblazer and icon in Nepali cinema is firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.


Rekha Thapa was a hot topic for media after she danced with Prachanda in 2009. Some people named her “Dekha Thapa” whereas some people appreciate her style. Anyway, that was in the old times. Now wearing skirts is very common in Nepali society. She slapped a journalist in 2012 and became the hot topic. However, these things just happen in celebrity life.

Net Worth

What is the earning of Rekha Thapa? How much is her net worth and How rich is she in 2024? She has accumulated a huge amount of net worth from her successful modeling career. However, Rekha Thapa’s net worth is not revealed as of 2021 according to our source.

Rekha Thapa Facts

  • Rekha Thapa, born on August 21, 1982, in Salakpur, Morang, Nepal, emerged as a prominent figure in Nepali cinema, carving her niche with talent and determination from a young age.
  • In her formative years, Rekha Thapa stood out as the first girl in her class until the third grade, a testament to her early intelligence and academic prowess.
  • Rekha Thapa is characterized by her unique and daring personality, setting her apart from conventional stereotypes and establishing herself as a bold and independent individual.
  • Her aspirations reached new heights when she became a top ten finalist in the Miss Nepal pageant of 1999, showcasing not only her beauty but also her grace and poise on a national platform.
  • The year 2000 marked a significant milestone in Rekha Thapa’s career as she made her debut in Nepali cinema, stepping onto the silver screen with a blend of talent, charm, and determination that would soon captivate audiences across the nation.


  • When was Rekha Thapa born?
    -21 August 1982
  • Who is the husband of Rekha Thapa?                                                                                                  
    –  Chhabi Raj Ojha                                                                                                  
  • What is the nickname of Rekha Thapa?
    – Nanu, Kali

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