10 Largest Cities In Canada (No. 5 Will Surprise You!)


Canada is a country in North America. It is second largest country in the world in area. Canada is most barely populated country. Canada is a gorgeous & famous. From the thundering waters of Niagarafalls- possibly the most famous waterfall in the world. There is natural beauty in every part of this country.
Capital:- Ottawa
Area:- 9.985 million km^2
Populations:- 38.01 million

1Ottowa2,790 km^2
2Hamilton1,138 km^2
3Calgary825.3 km^2
4Edmonton684.4 km^2
5Toronto630.2 km^2
6Quebec485.8 km^2
7Winniipeg464.1 km^2
8Montreal431.5 km^2
9Laval266.8 km^2
10Vancouver115 km^2