10 Largest Cities In Netherlands (No. 8 Will Surprise You!)


Netherlands, country situated in Northwestern Europe , also known as Holland. Netherlands is indeed low- lying & remarkably flat, with large expanses of lakes, rivers, & canals. The Netherlands is bounded by the North sea to the north & west, Germany to the east,& Belgiun to the south.
Captial:- Amsterdam
Area:-41,543 km^2
Population:-17.44 million

1Rotterdam324.1 km^2
2Amsterdam219.3 km^2
3Breda128.7 km^2
4Arnhem101.5 km^2
5Utrecht99.21 km^2
6The Hague98.13 km^2
7Maastricht60.12 km^2
8Haarlem32.09 km^2
9Delft24.06 km^2
10Lisse16.05 km^2