10 Largest Cities In Portugal (No. 6 Will Surprise You!)


Portugal is the oldest continuously existing nation state on the Iberian Peninsula one of the oldest in Europe, it’s territory having been continuously resolve take & fought over since prehistoric time. Portugal has left a prefound cultural, architectural & linguistic influence across the globe, with a legacy of around 250 million Portuguese speakers around the world. It is a developed country with an advanced economy & high living standards.
Capital:- Lisbon
Area:- 92,212 km^2
Population:- 10.31 million

1Algueirao4,100 km^2
2Coimbra319.4 km^2
3Setubal230.33 km^2
4Braga183.5 km^2
5Cacem127 km^2
6Lisbon100 km^2
7Funchal76.15 km^2
8Porto41.42 km^2
9Amadora23.79 km^2
10Queluz3.63 km^2