10 Largest Cities In Austria (No. 3 Will Surprise You!)


Austria is a largely mountainous landlocked country in south-central Europe. Together with Switzerland, it forms what has been characterized as the neutral core of Europe Austria is bordered to the north by the Czech Republic, to the northeast by Slovakia, to the east by Hungary, to the south by Slovenia, to the southwest by Italy, to the west by Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and to the northwest by Germany. It extends roughly 360 miles (580 km) from east to west.
Area-83,879 km^2
Population-9 million

1Vienna414.6 km^2
2Villach134.9 km^2
3Graz127.6 km^2
4Klagenfurt129.1 km^2
5Innsbruck104.9 km^2
6Linz95.98 km^2
7Salzburg65.68 km^2
8Wels45.92 km^2
9Bregenz29.51 km^2
10Melk25.27 km^2