Devon Conway

Devon Conway

Quick Facts

Full NameDevon Philip Conway
Date of Birth8 July 1991
BirthplaceJohannesburg, South Africa
NationalitySouth African
Height1.80 m
SpouseKim Watson
Net Worth$2 million


Devon Conway is a cricketer who plays for New Zealand cricket team as a left-handed opening batsman. He was born on 8 July 1991 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is known for his stylish and technically sound batting. He quickly made a mark in international cricket with his ability to adapt to different formats and his consistency in scoring runs.

Devon Conway’s performances in T20 cricket have been particularly impressive, and he has been a valuable asset for New Zealand in T20, ODI and Test matches. His ability is to adapt to different formats and has been a consistent run-scorer in domestic and international cricket. His aggressive and attacking style of play, making him a valuable asset for New Zealand in every formats.

Height & Weight

Devon Conway is a strikingly handsome man with a height of approximately 1.80 meters and a weight of around 76 kilograms.

Whether it’s his physical features or his charismatic personality, Devon Conway exudes a natural charm that is truly captivating.


Devon Conway’s educational background is not widely documented in publicly available sources.


Limited information is available regarding the family background of the talented New Zealand cricketer, Devon Conway. While his cricketing achievements have garnered widespread attention, details about his personal life and family remain undisclosed.


Devon Conway is a New Zealand cricketer who has had a promising career in international and domestic cricket.

Domestic Cricket: Devon Conway has had a successful domestic cricket career in New Zealand. He has played for teams like Wellington in the Plunket Shield (first-class cricket), the Ford Trophy (List A cricket), and the Super Smash (T20 cricket). His consistent performances in domestic cricket earned him recognition and opportunities at the international level.

International Debut: Conway made his debut for the New Zealand national cricket team in T20 Internationals (T20Is) in November 2020 against the West Indies. He made an instant impact with his batting skills and quickly became a key player in the T20 format.

ODIs Success: Devon Conway made his debut in One Day Internationals (ODIs) for the New Zealand national cricket team on May 25, 2021. He played his first ODI against Bangladesh in Dunedin, New Zealand. Conway’s international career had already gained momentum in the T20 format, and he transitioned to the ODI format with success. His debut in ODIs was a significant step in his international cricket career.

T20 Success: Conway’s performances in T20 cricket have been particularly notable, and he has earned a reputation as one of the top T20 batsmen in the world. His aggressive style of play and ability to score quickly have been his strengths in this format.

Devon Conway

Adaptability: What sets Conway apart is his ability to adapt to different formats of the game. He has also represented New Zealand in One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Test matches. His adaptability and consistency have made him a valuable asset to the national team.

Test match: In December 2022, during the 1st Test against Pakistan, Conway scored 92 runs, and became the fastest New Zealand batter to complete 1000 runs in Tests in 19 innings.

Records and Achievements: Throughout his career, Devon Conway has achieved various milestones and records in both domestic and international cricket. He has been one of the leading run-scorers in New Zealand domestic cricket.

Rumors/ Controversy

Devon Conway, the talented New Zealand cricketer, has garnered significant attention for his remarkable sporting achievements, with no controversies overshadowing his career. Known for his exceptional skills and impressive performances on the field, Conway has emerged as a respected figure in the world of cricket, admired for his sportsmanship and dedication to the game. There is no controversy associated with Devon Conway.

Net Worth

What are the earnings of Devon Conway?
How much is Devon Conway net worth and how rich is he in 2023?

In 2023, Devon Conway, known for his highly successful career, has amassed a significant net worth. However, as of the latest available information, his exact net worth remains around $2 million. This intriguing development has generated considerable interest and curiosity among those following his financial journey. As the year unfolds, many are eagerly anticipating updates on the true extent of Devon Conway’s wealth, as he continues to make waves in his respective field. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this captivating financial story.

What does Net Worth mean? Net Worth is the measurement of financial health which indicates the value of an individual’s or institution’s financial and non-financial assets.

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