Top 5 Popular Nepalese Dishes to Try When Travelling in Nepal

5 Popular Nepalese Dishes To Try In Nepal

1. Dal Bhat the traditional dish

A common and traditional dish in Indian and Nepalese cuisine is Dal Bhat It consists of rice (Bhat) and lentil soup (dal). The dal may contain ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and garlic and is frequently flavored with spices like cumin, coriander, and turmeric. Usually, the rice is served as a side dish. When paired with rice, dal Bhat is a complete protein source in addition to being nutritious. It is a typical daily meal in many homes and is significant to the local culture. To add variation to the meal, it is occasionally served with a variety of side dishes, pickles, and curries.

Dal Bhat And Tarkari

2. Gundruk and dhindo

Traditional dishes in Nepalese cuisine are gundruk and dhindo. A fermented leafy green vegetable, gundruk is typically made from spinach or mustard greens. After gathering the leaves, they are firmly packed into an earthen pot and allowed to ferment for a few days. Dhindo: Made from millet or buckwheat flour, this is a traditional Nepalese dish. To make a thick, sticky, and elastic dough, the flour is gradually added to the boiling water while stirring continuously. After that, dhindo is formed into a tiny ball or disc and is frequently consumed with a variety of side dishes like meat curries, pickles, or gundruk. Gundruk and dhindo work together to provide a balance of nutrients and flavors, making them an important part of the traditional Nepalese diet.

Gundruk And Dhindo

3. MoMos

A well-known and cherished dish in Nepalese cooking is Momo. These are dumplings that are usually stuffed with a blend of different seasonings, vegetables, and ground meat (such as buffalo, chicken, or pork). There are options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos, and the filling can be changed. The dumpling wrappers consist of a basic flour and water dough, and the momos are typically shaped into small, circular pockets prior to steaming or frying. They can be served with dipping sauce on the side, which is typically made with vinegar, soy sauce, and other spices. In addition to being a delectable street meal, Momo is also a favorite in restaurants and homes all over Nepal.


4. Newari Khaja

The term “Newari Khaja” describes a wide variety of traditional snacks and desserts that come from the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal and are made by the Newar community. These treats, which are enjoyed on festivals and special occasions, include deep-fried lentil patties called Bara, spiced rice flour doughnuts called Lakhamari, and steamed rice flour dumplings called Yomari with a jaggery filling. The rich tapestry of Newari culinary heritage includes other delectable dishes like Kasaar, a sweet drenched in sugar syrup, and Wo, a pastry made with lentil flour. These Khaja are a cultural symbol of the colorful customs and festivals of the Newar people, in addition to being delicious.

Newari Khaja

5. Thukpa

Popular Tibetan noodle soup called thukpa has also made its way into the cuisines of several Himalayan nations, such as Nepal, Bhutan, and portions of India. Typically, this filling soup is made with wheat noodles, veggies, and meat that is frequently spiced up. The meat can be beef, pork, or chicken, based on regional differences and personal preferences. Because of its well-known ability to warm and comfort, thukpa is particularly well-liked in colder regions. Ingredients like ginger and garlic, as well as occasionally soy sauce, are used to season the broth. It might also contain greens like spinach or Bok choy. In addition to being a tasty and filling dish, thukpa showcases the Himalayan region’s cultural and geographical diversity.


These were the 5 must-try food in Nepal and almost all of them are available everywhere in Nepal and so they won’t be hard to find. Try them all and you won’t regret missing anything in Nepal.