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Bethany Mota Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameBethany Noel Mota
Date of BirthNov 7, 1995
BirthplaceMerced County, California, U.S
ProfessionYoutuber, vlogger, singer & dancer
Height5 feet 6 inch
RelationshipDominic Sandoval
Net WorthAround $5 million


Bethany Mota is a popular American YouTuber, fashion designer, and social media personality. She was born on Nov 7, 1995, in Merced Country, California, United States. She rose to prominence through her YouTube channel, which she started in 2009 under the username “Macbarbie07.” She is known for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. She gained a significant following with her haul videos, DIY projects, makeup tutorials, and vlogs. Her relatable personality, fashion sense, and positive energy resonated with viewers, particularly teenagers and young adults.

 He is one of the most popular YouTube celebrities. Bethany Mota’s success as a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and influencer has made her a prominent figure in the digital space. Her relatability, fashion sense, and positive influence have garnered her a dedicated fanbase, and she continues to inspire and connect with her audience through her content and brand collaborations.

Height & Weight

Her Height is around 5 feet 6 inch, and her weight is around 60kg.


Information regarding Bethany Mota’s formal education is not widely available. However, it is known that she attended public school and began her YouTube channel while still in high school.


Bethany Mota’s parents are Tammy Mota and Tony Mota. They have supported her throughout her career and have occasionally appeared in her videos. Bethany has an older sister named Brittney Mota. Brittney has made appearances in Bethany’s YouTube videos and has her own social media presence.


Bethany Mota’s professional life and career have revolved around her success as a YouTuber and social media influencer.

Bethany gained popularity through her YouTube channel, “Macbarbie07,” which she started in 2009. She initially focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content, sharing haul videos, DIY projects, makeup tutorials, and vlogs. Her relatable personality and style resonated with viewers, helping her amass a large following. Now, her YouTube channel name is “Bethany Mota”. She has over 9.47 million subscribers in her channel.

On October 13, 2014, she released a single, “Need You Right Now”. A video of Bethany Mota performing “Flashlight” was posted on Kurt Hugo Scheneider’s YouTube channel in June 2015. In August 2015, Mota wrote her own song, “Be Who You Wanna Be”, and uploaded it on her YouTube channel.

Bethany participated in the 19th season of the reality TV show “Dancing with the Stars.” She reached the finals and showcased her dancing skills to a wider audience. She has also made guest appearances on television shows and talk shows, sharing insights about her YouTube career and experiences as an influencer.

Bethany Mota Career

Bethany has launched her own brand and product lines. She has released clothing collections, accessories, and a fragrance line. Through her entrepreneurship ventures, she has utilized her platform and personal brand to create and promote her own products.

Bethany has authored books that provide advice, inspiration, and personal insights to her audience. Her books, such as “Make Your Mind Up” and “The Motivation Manifesto,” touch on topics like self-confidence, personal growth, and pursuing one’s passions.

Bethany has collaborated with various brands and companies, partnering with them for product endorsements, sponsored content, and brand promotions. She has worked with major fashion and beauty brands, allowing her to expand her influence and reach. She has won multiple Teen Choice Awards, including Choice Web Star: Female and Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star.

Bethany Mota’s success as a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media influencer has allowed her to build a strong personal brand and connect with a dedicated fanbase. Her influence extends beyond YouTube, and she has ventured into various areas, leveraging her popularity to collaborate with brands, write books, and participate in television appearances.

Rumors/ Controversy

There have been no major rumors or controversies surrounding Bethany Mota’ personal or professional life. She is popular American singer known for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content., and she has maintained a positive public image throughout his career.

Net Worth

What are the earnings of Bethany Mota?
How much is Bethany Mota net worth and how rich is She in 2024?

In 2024, Bethany Mota, known for her highly successful career, has amassed a significant net worth. However, as of the latest available information, her exact net worth is around $5 million. This intriguing development has generated considerable interest and curiosity among those following her financial journey. As the year unfolds, many are eagerly anticipating updates on the true extent of Bethany Mota’s wealth, as she continues to make waves in her respective field. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this captivating financial story.

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