Top 10 Nike Shoes to Buy in 2024: The Most Popular Picks

Top 10 Most Popular Shoes of Nike and Nike Shoes to Buy in 2024

Here is the list of top 10 popular Nike Shoes models that were well-received as now, and it’s likely that Nike has continued to release innovative and popular designs. As of 2024, Fashion trends and preferences can change rapidly, so it’s a good idea to check the latest releases and reviews of Nike Shoes.

1. Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1, often referred to as simply AF1, is a classic and iconic sneaker that has been a staple in the Nike lineup since its introduction in 1982. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, the Air Force 1 was initially created as a basketball shoe but has since transcended its athletic origins to become a prominent lifestyle and fashion sneaker. The Air Force 1 is available in low, mid, and high-top variations, providing options for different looks and ankle support preferences.

Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 remains a popular and enduring sneaker, appreciated for its classic design, cultural significance, and versatility. New releases, collaborations, and special editions are regularly introduced, contributing to the ongoing legacy of the Air Force 1.

2. Nike Air Max series

Nike Air Max series is a highly popular and iconic line of sneakers known for their distinctive design and visible Air cushioning technology. The series has evolved over the years, introducing various models and iterations. Here are some key models from the Nike Air Max series: Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 95, Nike Air Max 270, Nike Air Max 720, Nike Air Max 180 etc. Nike regularly introduces new colorways, collaborations, and special editions for various Air Max models.

Nike Air Max Series

The Air Max series has had a global impact on sneaker culture, fashion, and design. It continues to be a symbol of innovation and style. The Nike Air Max series remains one of the most influential and enduring lines in the world of athletic footwear. Nike continues to release new iterations, updates, and special editions to keep the Air Max legacy alive and relevant.

3. Nike SB Dunk

The Nike SB Dunk, also known as the Nike Skateboarding Dunk, is a line of sneakers specifically designed for skateboarding. The SB Dunk has gained significant popularity not only among skateboarders but also in the broader sneaker and streetwear communities. The silhouette has become a canvas for various collaborations, unique colorways, and limited editions. Limited-edition releases and unique colorways have made certain SB Dunks highly sought after in the sneaker market. The Nike SB Dunk is available in both high-top and low-top variations, offering different styles and ankle support options.

Nike SB Dunk

Some SB Dunks are famous for their iconic colorways, such as the “Tiffany” Dunks, “Pigeon” Dunks, and many others. SB Dunks have created a significant hype and resale market, with enthusiasts and collectors seeking rare and exclusive pairs.

4. Nike Air Jordan series

The Nike Air Jordan series, often referred to simply as “Air Jordans” or “Jordans,” is a highly popular and iconic line of basketball shoes produced by Nike. The series is closely associated with basketball legend Michael Jordan and has become a cultural phenomenon since its inception. Certain Air Jordan colorways have become iconic in sneaker culture, such as the “Bred” (Black/Red), “Concord,” “Space Jam,” and “Black Cement” color schemes. Nike regularly releases retro versions of classic Air Jordans, allowing new generations to experience iconic designs. Remastered editions often feature improved quality and attention to detail.

Top 10 Nike Shoes to Buy in 2024: The Most Popular Picks

The iconic Jumpman logo, featuring a silhouette of Michael Jordan in mid-air, is synonymous with the Air Jordan brand. Air Jordans have played a significant role in the growth of sneaker culture, with enthusiasts and collectors eagerly anticipating new releases and rare editions.

5. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is a popular line of running shoes that has been a staple in Nike’s running footwear collection for many years. The Pegasus series is known for its versatility, comfort, and performance, making it a go-to option for a wide range of runners. The Pegasus series is characterized by its use of Zoom Air cushioning technology, which provides responsive and lightweight cushioning for a comfortable running experience. The Pegasus is designed to strike a balance between stability and cushioning, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Nike regularly releases updated versions of the Pegasus to incorporate the latest technologies and address user feedback.

6. Nike Cortez sneakers

The Nike Cortez is a classic sneaker that has a rich history in both sport and fashion. Originally released in 1972, the Cortez was designed by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman and became one of the brand’s early success stories. The Nike Cortez has a simple yet iconic design that has made it a timeless classic. Its silhouette is characterized by a clean, low-profile look. The Nike Cortez has been released in a wide range of colorways over the years, appealing to various tastes and styles. Classic color combinations include white, red, and blue. Some versions of the Cortez feature a nylon tongue, adding to the retro aesthetic of the shoe.

Nike Cortez Sneakers

The Nike Cortez maintains its popularity as a classic sneaker with cultural significance. It is appreciated by both sneaker enthusiasts and those who appreciate its historical importance in the sneaker world.

7. Nike Air VaporMax

The Nike Air VaporMax is a line of running shoes known for its innovative design and distinctive full-length Air Max cushioning. The VaporMax series represents a departure from traditional midsoles by eliminating the foam midsole and directly integrating Air Max units into the sole, providing a unique and responsive running experience. The defining feature of the VaporMax is the full-length Air Max cushioning unit that runs the entire length of the shoe. While initially designed for running, the VaporMax has gained popularity as a lifestyle sneaker due to its futuristic design and comfort. Nike has released various colorways and collaborations, further enhancing the shoe’s versatility.

Nike Air VaporMax

Nike periodically releases new iterations and updates to the VaporMax series, incorporating new technologies and design elements.

8. Nike React Element series

The Nike React Element series is a line of sneakers known for its innovative design and utilization of Nike’s React cushioning technology. The React Element series has gained popularity for its futuristic aesthetics, comfort, and lightweight construction. The defining feature of the React Element series is the use of Nike’s React foam cushioning in the midsole. React foam is known for its responsiveness, lightweight feel, and durability. The React Element series includes different models such as the React Element 55 and the React Element 87. The React Element 87, in particular, gained attention for its translucent upper and premium materials.

Nike React Element Series

Nike continues to release new iterations and colorways within the React Element series, incorporating design updates and exploring creative collaborations to keep the line fresh and exciting.

9. Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer is a classic and iconic sneaker that has been a part of Nike’s lineup since its debut in the 1970s. Originally designed as a basketball shoe, the Nike Blazer has transcended its athletic roots to become a popular and versatile lifestyle sneaker. The Blazer is known for its clean and simple design, featuring a leather or suede upper with the classic Swoosh branding on the sides. The Blazer is available in both high-top and low-top variations, providing options for different looks and ankle support preferences. The Blazer has been part of collaborations with designers and brands, resulting in limited-edition releases with unique designs and materials.

Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer’s timeless design and heritage appeal have contributed to its enduring popularity, making it a sought-after sneaker for both sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers.

10. Nike Free RN series

The Nike Free RN series is a line of running shoes designed to provide a natural and flexible running experience. The “Free” in the name reflects the shoes’ emphasis on allowing the foot to move more naturally, providing a barefoot-like feel while still offering some cushioning and support. he primary focus of the Free RN series is to promote natural foot motion. The shoes are designed to allow the foot to move more freely, mimicking the movement of running barefoot.

Nike Free RN series

The Free RN series is suitable for various running activities, including short sprints, long-distance runs, and everyday training. Nike often offers the Free RN series in a variety of colorways, catering to different style preferences.