10 Largest Cities In Afghanistan (No. 3 Will Surprise You!)

Afghanistan is a landlocked multiethnic country located in the center of south-central Asia. Afghanistan is completely landlocked—the nearest coast lies along the Arabian Sea, about 300 miles (480 km) to the south—and, because of both its isolation and its volatile political history, it remains one of the most poorly surveyed areas of the world.
Capital: Kabul
Population:38.93 million

1Ghazni22,460 km^2
2Fayzabad3,522 km^2
3Kabul1,028 km^2
4Kunduz8,040 km^2
5Kandahar273.4 km^2
6Herat182 km^2
7Jalalabad122 km^2
8Puli Khumri37.52 km^2
9Lashkar Gah

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