10 Most Powerful Countries in the World (No. 6 Will Surprise You!)

10 Most Powerful Countries in the World
1United States$21.40 Tn$65,280334,805,269
2China$14.30 Tn$10,2171,448,471,400
3Russia$1.69 Tn$11,498145,805,947
4Germany$3.86 Tn$46,46883,883,596
5United Kingdom$2.83 Tn$42,35468,497,907
6Japan$5.06 Tn$40,113125,584,838
7France$2.72 Tn$40,38065,584,518
8South Korea$1.65 Tn$31,84651,329,899
9Saudi Arabia$793.00 Bn$23,14035,844,909
10United Arab Emirates$421.00 Bn$43,10310,081,785

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