Ujjwal Chaurasia (Techno Gamerz)

Ujjwal Chaurasia
Ujjwal Chaurasia
Ujjwal Chaurasia
Full NameUjjwal Chaurasia
Date of Birth12 January 2002
Birthplace Delhi, India
Age20 years
Height5 Feet 8 Inches
Net Worth$32.64 Million


Techno Gamerz is a popular Indian gaming YouTuber. Ujjwal Chaurasia (born: January 12, 2002 (2002-01-12) [age 20]), better known online as Techno Gamerz, is one of India’s biggest gaming YouTubers. 

He is most known for his GTA V series. Since the early stages of his life, he enjoyed playing video games. The first video game he played was “Snowbros”, which he used to play at his brother’s house. After some time he started playing GTA: Vice City and loved it, The reasoning being the player to do whatever they want in the game. Ujjwal created his channel on August 13, 2017.

Height & Weight

The height of Ujjwal is 5′ 8 feet & inches and the weight is about 60 kg. Her Eye Color is Dark Black and her Hair Color is also Black.


He completes his education in Delhi public school, India itself, and has studied journalism. Techno Gamerz is a popular tech Youtuber, affiliate marketer as well as a journalist.


Techno Gamerz or Ujjawal Chaurasia was born in a middle-class family based in New Delhi where he is living with his father, mother & elder brother. There is not much information available about Ujjawal’s parents on social media. He is having an elder brother, Ankit Chaurasiawho helped him a lot throughout his youtube journey.


Ujjwal created his channel on August 13, 2017, and mainly posted gaming tutorial videos. He used to post videos from his brother’s phone and was given a strict schedule in order for his time spent gaming and studying to be equal.

One of his first videos took off in views, which led to his brother encouraging him to post more. His first viral video was a downloading tutorial of his for Dragon Ball Z which got 250k views and boosted his channel. He moved to game tutorial videos after this, which did well.

He reached 100k subscribers on his channel on January 6, 2019. He also created his second channel named ‘Ujjwal’ on January 20, 2018, on which he posted PUBG videos and streamed them from time to time. After posting his first GTA video, his channel saw exponential growth.

That video was very popular and liked by the audience and seeing this, he continued the series and posted 142 episodes of GTA 5 as of now. His GTA series is most popular – mainly because he’s made his own storyline in the game. (With the utilization of some mods.)

Every one of Ujjwal’s GTA videos has gotten over 5 million views, but it’s not the only thing he plays. Some other games he plays are Red Dead Redemption 2 and Minecraft just to name a few.

To celebrate his success, Ujjwal releases his first music video “GAME ON” which is about his Youtube journey from 0 to achieving 10 million subscribers at the age of 18.


There is no controversy regarding Techno Gamerz.

Net Worth

What are the earnings of Techno Gamerz? How much is his net worth and How rich is he in 2022? He has accumulated a huge amount of net worth from his successful career. However, Jos Buttler’s net worth is 32.64 Million Indian Rupees as of 2022 according to the source.

According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Techno Gamerz’s net worth is approximately 32.64 Million INR.

What does Net Worth mean? Net Worth is the measurement of financial health which indicates the value of an individual’s or institution’s financial and non-financial assets.

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