Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in Nepal

Here is the list of Current Top 10 hit Actors in Nepal:

#NameDebut MovieIncome/Movie
1Anmol KCHostel$50-$70K
2Pradeep KhadkaEscape$20-$25K
3Dayahang RaiLoot$10-$15k
4Nischal BasnetKabbadi$7-$15k
5Salin Man BaniyaA Mero Hajur 2$7-$15k
6Salon BasnetHostel$5-$7k
7Saugat MallaHaku Kale$5-$7k
8Paul ShahNai Nabhannu La 4$4-$6k
9Gaurav PahariHostel$5-$7k
10Nikhil Upreti Pinjada$4-$5k

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